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Get to know Ken Yeager, Sydney Science Founder + President

If you've ever worked with Sydney Science you probably know our Founder + President, Ken Yeager. Ken is a hands-on leader, involved in all aspects of the business. He works hard, but did you know that he plays hard, too? Let's get to know Ken a little better!


Ken is an avid sailor!

Thanks to a serendipitous connection with his neighbor Colby, Ken discovered a passion for racing sailboats and participates in weekly races during the summer. His boat "Mira" is part of a special fleet of Graves Constellation boats, built by the Graves Yacht Yard in Marblehead between 1964 and 1971. There were only 27 of these boats built in total, but most Wednesdays you can find 8 of them out on the water together!


Ken loves to cook for his friends + family!

If you're lucky enough to know Ken personally, he has probably invited you into his home and cooked you a meal. Whether it's plank salmon with broiled asparagus, risotto cakes and spinach pear salad or a choose-your-own-ingredients culinary adventure, dining at Ken's home is an absolute treat! Just ask the 60+ people he hosts every holiday season as part of his neighborhood's open house Christmas stroll!


Ken is an adventurous world traveler!

If you needed to take time to truly disconnect from work for a month, where would you choose to go? If you're Ken Yeager that would be someplace completely off the grid, like Socotra, an island in the Indian Ocean that is governed by Yemen. Ken came away from the experience "with so much gratitude for what I have" along with a renewed perspective on life. "The people there have limited access to anything and they are happy. They are extremely happy." Inspiring!


Camp Granddad is the place to be this summer!

When asked what he is most looking forward to this summer, Ken didn't hesitate to say that he can't wait to spend time with his grandchildren on the water. He loves taking them waterskiing and sailing and they love it, too! "I taught them to waterski and the smiles when they finally get up for more than 5 seconds are just the best!" Ken's grandchildren fondly refer to his home as "Camp Granddad" and they even ask to bring their friends along for all of the fun. It sounds like the perfect place to enjoy a summer day!


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